Caddy Corp. is known for manufacturing top-of-the-line Exhaust Systems, Tray Make-up and Dish Room Conveyors, Utility Distribution Systems, Carts, and more. They are recognized for superior quality, innovation and service. They really do offer state-of-the-art kitchen solutions.

Caddy Corp. carefully designs and handcrafts every product to perfectly fit the needs of each client. You can expect to be impressed by their highly functional concept designs with the added bonus of knowing you’re getting equipment that is built to last and perform in the most demanding kitchen environments.

Have you seen Caddy’s Architectural Designer Hoods? They are beautiful. Perfect for front-of-the-house applications. Caddy Corp. creates custom hoods to match your décor and/or your vision. With thousands of architectural designs, custom finishes, and state-of-the-art lighting, the sky is the limit. These personalized hoods are great for identifying themed cooking stations as well as showcasing the kitchen itself. They are engineered to provide the same dependable functionality as the Caddy Corp. standard models. Want to put an upscale spin on your standard hood? No problem, any standard hood can be redesigned as a custom architectural hood and can even include “green design” with a low air volume system, UVC cleaning, and demand control ventilation. All Caddy Architectural hoods are ETL listed.

From conveyors to utility distribution systems to designer hoods, and more, Caddy Corp. has you covered.