Nor-Lake Walkin Refrigerators and Freezers

“No matter how hot it gets in the kitchen, Nor-Lake helps us keep our cool. There’s plenty to worry about in the pressure-packed restaurant business, but our Nor-Lake Walk-In isn’t one of them,” says Troy Redding, Founder of Ally Restaurants.


Nor-Lake is a solution provider when it comes to walk-in coolers, freezers, and combination cooler/freezers. Their complete line of walk-ins have standard features and options that provide energy-efficient, reliable refrigeration for every foodservice application.  For instance, Enviro-Control™ is a custom-designed option for Nor-Lake refrigeration systems. It’s a highly efficient electronic controller that provides control over evaporator fans, room temperature, electronic expansion valve (EEV), compressor/liquid line solenoid, defrost heaters, and multiple alarms.  It will even send alerts, text messages and emails as needed and allow remote evaporator control from your phone or computer.


What are your needs when it comes to your walk-in refrigeration project? Nor-Lake has several walk-in models that fall into one of the three categories below.


Kold Locker™

Kold Locker™ is the answer if a standard walk-in is needed and Same Day shipping is required.  There are over 10,000 Kold Locker™ walk-in configurations in stock and ready to ship.



Fast-Trak® walk-ins have a bit more customization offered as they are available in unlimited lengths (in 1” increments) with numerous options available.  The shipping is still pretty quick with a 5 to 10 day turn-around on many models.



Fineline™ walk-Ins are consultant-preferred and offer complete customization.  They are engineered and built to your specifications.


Once you have defined your walk-in needs, what’s next? Well, not only does Nor-Lake deliver when it comes to quality equipment, they take it a step further by offering Factory Certified Installation.  Nor-Lake’s staff of specialists and network of certified installers across the United States and Canada, are ready to help with your installation. They provide peace of mind that the installations will be done correctly, the warranty will be guaranteed, and your walk-in will be up and running before they leave.  I guess that’s why Nor-Lake is known for backing their equipment with phenomenal customer service that extends long after the sale.