By Carla Landi


Don’t replace your old cutting boards, refill them!


San Jamar’s QuadGrip™ with Smart Check refillable cutting boards is a brilliant solution for busy foodservice operations. This one’s for prep stations everywhere.


The frame is double-sided and dishwasher safe. It’s designed for durability with rubber grips that keep the cutting surface secure. The 1/8″ thick co-polymer cutting boards have a SmartCheck layer between the double-sided surface that is a contrasting color.  The Visual Indicator lets operators know when it’s time to replace the board, preventing use of unsafe cutting boards with cuts too deep to thoroughly clean in a conventional dishwasher. When the time comes, replacing the cutting boards couldn’t be easier. Just snap the refillable boards into the frame and you’re back in business. They even added double food safety hooks to the boards and frame for sanitary transport and storage. Just think about the reduction in food safety risks, efficiency loss, and long term costs.


You can order Starter or Expansion Kits, including the frame and white boards. Refill packs are also available in HACCP colors. Convenient sizes designed for your work space include 12″x18″, 15″x20″, or 18″x24″ boards and frame.


It’s no secret that San Jamar is all about food safety. The QuadGrip™ Cutting Board System hits food safety and so much more.


Check out the video for a closer look.